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Meet ICT and Bitex Exhibition Opens

The tenth edition of MEET ICT and BITEX, “Leading the way to a digital economy through artificial intelligence”, held its opening ceremony in the presence of various speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and those interested in networking and technology.


The availability of talent, affordability and market access throughout this region has led global IT companies to choose Bahrain as a hub, marking the Kingdom as the first in MENA for ICT readiness.


Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) Chairman Tareq Fakhroo confirmed that this event provided a conducive platform for bringing together business and government decision-makers, key players, experts, and individuals interest in technology as a way to exchange information and best practices.


Bahrain is taking the forward steps in getting back into the field after Covid-19, marking the exhibition as the first come back after two years of the pandemic.


Innovation partner CTM360 CEO and Founder Mirza Asrar Baig emphasized the importance for the IT community to participate in this digital transformation.


“The world is changing and Covid-19 pushed us into a fast pace as it gave Bahrain the opportunity to become the hub of certain aspects of ICT for the region, and this is where an event like this makes a difference by showcasing what we have to offer and meet up with local, regional, and international participant,” he said.


As part of the MEET ICT Conference, BITEX Technology Exhibition gathered all ICT companies in the ICT sector, in order to promote innovation and empower the business technology sector to contribute to diversified solutions.


“Beyon Solutions is happy to be a part of BITEX where we provided end-to-end digital transformation, capability, and solutions to our partners. And our vision is to empower every organization within the Kingdom with IT services and extend assistant,” Beyon Solutions Cloud and Software Solutions Business Development Manager Anees Ur Rehman said.


The exhibition and conference will be valuable to its participants with the aim to achieve positive outcomes during this significant event in order to highlight innovative trends, services, and products of ICT companies and enhance their capacity.


The event, on June 14-16, features workshops and sessions for all registered participants conducted by moderators and specialists.

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